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bestchoicepestcontrolAnts & Bugs Be Gone Pest Control offers a wide range of services from one time visits to quarterly visits. But even if you do need quarterly visits you will never have to sign a contract to sign up for them. We see it as you always want to treat people the way you want to be treated.


Oderous house ants (aka sugar ants)

These ants are approx 1/8 inch and actually give off an odor when you crush one hense the name. We understand that oderous house ant can be one of the nw biggest problems to get rid of. Most people have tried for months if not years to keep them under control on their own with little to no success. The reason they are so hard to get rid of is because of the size of the colonies that they can create. It can be as small as a few hundred and up to a 100,000! And to make it worse the areas they like to nest can range anywhere from under the ground in your crawl space,under your sub floor insulation and their favorite spot of all inside your walls. They will usually nest next to areas of moisture which is why they love your kitchen and bathroom so much. But I have seen so many odd ares they have set up nests that nothing surprises me anymore. We make sure that when we are treating for ants that we are using the right materials in the right areas so that you are able to get your house back to normal as quickly as possible.

Carpenter Ants

These ants range from 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch and are usually mostly black. When left untreated carpenter ants can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home. It is very important to treat them as quickly as possible.  They like to target damp wood but will move to drier wood as the colony grows. We find that a lot of people tell us that they just see them here and there and didn’t think it was that big of a deal. Carpenter ants colonies can range in the thousands and if left untreated can do real damage to your home.


Spiders can actually benefit homeowners because they like to feed on other insects. Unfortunately they make their way inside and most homeowners tend to find spiders in their home a real pain. We like to do both an indoor and outdoor treatment to make sure you stay spider free. The treatment also includes us going around and cleaning off all webs that are outside your home.

Wasps and hornets

Depending on if you have hornets or wasps you can be dealing with anything from nests under your eaves to a nest in the ground. We make sure to take our time and eliminate the entire nest when dealing with wasps and hornets.



Fleas usually make it into your home because of either a pet that you have or possibly if you had someone stay with you that had a pet and the fleas decided to stick around. Using a fogging material that you buy from the store rarely works. To truly get rid of fleas you want to do a full home treatment so that you don’t give them anywhere to hide.



Cockroaches are not a large issue in the Northwest. People usually become infested from something that they have purchased used or from food that has been shipped in from out of state. The most common cockroach that we see here is the German cockroach. They prefer dark areas usually hiding in a crack or crevice area. Cupboards and refrigerators are some of their favorite areas to hide.

Box Elder Bugs

They are brownish black approx 1/2 inch long and have three red lines right behind their head. They usually spend the winter in protected places but can become a real nuisance in the summer. They like to bask in the sun on the side of your house. The one good thing is that they don’t do any damage to your home. They are just a very large nuisance.


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